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Yay for Mono and cytomegalo virus!!!

so late last week i started noticing that i had a really swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck. It didn't hurt, it was just annoying. Then saturday night i discover that although the swelling has gone down, my throat is exceedingly painful to the point where i am having trouble swallowing. So i look at it in the mirror and it is red and has white bumps on it. great, im thinking strep. Urgent care here is way the fuck away from where i am and i dont feel like driving so i decide to go the the health center today.

So today at the health center, the intake nurse says its probably strep, and she will send me to my doctor to get a culture. fine. the second nurse takes my temp with a really wierd device that she rubs on my forehead and behind my ear, and tells me i have a fever. great. So i finally get in to see my doctor, she asks me a few questions and prods me some. Her thoughts- yes i probably have strep, yes my nodes are swollen (and i have tonsilitis). her worry- the lack of stuffy nose or nausia plus the pounding headache, fever, and swollen painful throat =MONO. greater. So now she gets to gag me with a swab (aparently strep often goes with mono) AND send me to get my blood drawn. I am to wait for the results and take them back to her.

The results: totally annoying, i am negative for BOTH strep and mono ... so WTF??? Her response
A) It is mono-i just havent hit the end of the lag phase where the test is actually truly viable (because my lymphocyte count is suspiciously high) and i get to come back on friday for a second blood test to check.
B) It is Cytomegalovirus, a virus just like the Epstein-Barr virus that causes Mono (both are forms of herpes) that causes mono like symptoms but results in a negative mono spot test. Joy
C) It is yet another wierd virus that they dont know how to identify. superjoy

In anycase, there really isn't anything to be done about it except sleep and relax--not likely considering its midterm week, but i would really like to be able to name this, if not just to validate my crappy feeling-ness, but also to have something to tell professors that will actually make sense to them--everyone knows that mono totally drains you etc...

so we wait and see, i feel like crap, and sleep instead of studying for midterms i desperately need to ace...
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