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So today was my last final, although it didn't really count because it was orchestra. My other finals were pretty much crap although biostats wasn't bad at all. O-chem and human physiology were Evil and the grades are still not posted (curses). Orchestra was ok today because it was a short rehersal, only two hours, but we even though ive been done since 4 i cant go home until sunday cause the orchestra has to play commencement. ergh. It's fun music and all, but id really rather go home instead of sitting through 4 hours of blah blah blah. Oh well, at least i can catch up on sleep and clean my apartment.

today i managed to find athena's favorite mouse toys and she's been going wild ever since...although, truth be told, she's perfectly happy attacking bubble wrap or empty two-litre bottles (both of which are on the floor in various rooms. Im really looking forward to break and seeing people again-although it'll have to be in january--can't wait to go bug dr mason, haven't seen her in a long time. Oh well, i guess ill go read my book in bed for a while.
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